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Please call me Shelly

I am an experienced Licensed Mental Health Counselor skilled at creating a nurturing and therapeutic environment in which you can move toward reaching your goals. I view therapy as a partnership and believe that building a collaborative, compassionate safe space for you to express your thoughts and feelings is essential in supporting you to become the best version of yourself.​

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I can support you with these services

Relationship Therapy

Individual therapy can help you cope with and overcome challenges, and improve your quality of life. Your well-being matters to me, and I can provide you with the tools you'll need to seize the day and tackle even the most traumatic circumstances. 

Together we can identify and build on your strengths and increase the flexibility you need to cope with challenges. 

Relationship therapy can help people who want to overcome challenges and work together to build  healthy relationships. I help people in different types of relationships develop the tools needed to improve communication and increase satisfaction with each other.

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